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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


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In order to overcome the energy crises problem and also contribute to create a healthy global environmental change, this technique need to be widely implemented. Thus this is a promising technology to provide efficient solution to power crisis to affordable extent. This will be the most acceptable means of providing power to the places that involves difficulties of transmission. Moreover walking across power producing platform will be a fun for idle people who can improve their health byexercising in such platforms with earning. The electrical energy generated at such farms will be useful for nearby applications. This technology would facilitate the future creation of new urban landscapes, athletic fields with a spectator area, music halls, theaters, nightclubs and a large gathering space for rallies, demonstrationsand celebrations, railway stations, bus stands, subways, airports etc. like capable of harnessing human locomotion for electricity generation. Though being advantageous in several aspects, such as manufacturing, installation, aesthetics, maintenance, availability etc, this technology can only contribute to low power applications. It requires highly-efficient converter mechanism and storage devices and has a less storage lifespan. Besides, the materials used in manufacturing the devices must be highly durable, as they will be operating throughout the year. As of today, this technology is in its nascent stages due to the above stated reasons. Development in the areas of storage and transmission of energy may eliminate all the drawbacks and make this an effective technology for power harvesting.
 This type of technology may be well suited to other applications though. One potential application would be to connect one of these tiles directly to a low consumptions device. A few examples of such devices are a vending machine or a parking pass dispenser. A customer would walk or drive up the machine and depress the pad. This may be able to generate enough power to run the device for the very short period of time that it is in use. It would take very little power for a vending machine to push a candy bar forward or a machine to push out a parking pass.Another potential use of pavegen tiles would be education and awareness. Being "carbon neutral" or "energy neutral" is very much in style these days. These tiles could be implemented temporarily for major sporting events, festivals, concerts or similar things. The goal here would not be to save money. Instead, the event could advertise that it is not using any electricity from the grid. These days, that is a rather cool thing for an event to brag about. This could be a very effective way to create dialog and awareness of related energy issues.
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